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SHURflo Beer Pump

Shurflo Beer Pump
Shurflo Beer Pump

Orig.: $129.00
Sale: $90.00

Features: * Unique Balanced Diaphragm Pump * Adds life to pump * Minimizes “shocking” the Beer * Accepts Pressurized Beverages into Pump * Gas driving the pump never comes into contact with the product * Straight through flow path prevents foaming * Quick Disconnect fittings * Only Diaphragm Pump Designed specifically for Beer * Adds additional pressure to beer system without altering CO2 volumes or introducing new gases to beer. * Total Precision of Quality Control by separating CO2 needs and Flow Control into Two Independent Operations. * Eliminate Foaming Problems associated with Temperature Fluctuations and Hot Spots by compressing lines up to 70 PSI. * Maintain high pressures in long runs without experiencing “flat” beer * Ability to improve Quality Control on current systems that are using CO2 / Air mix or where several CO2 / N2 mix ratios are required. Ability of using smaller I.D. hoses in systems: less beer to cool, less wastage when cleaning, less cost of beer bundles, easier installation.