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General Pump Questions

Question: Why is my pump noisy?
Answer: All diaphragm style pumps have a slight pulsation/vibration. This pulsation or vibration, if allowed to transfer through to the floor or plumbing lines, will cause amplification of this vibration throughout the coach. Installation of flex-lines like a SHURflo “silencer kit”, and mounting the pump on a solid base will resolve most noise issues.

Question: My pump does not prime/work.
Answer: Provided you have 12 volts and the pump motor is running, check for water/air leaks in plumbing, or a clogged strainer on pump inlet. Foreign debris may have entered the pump, requiring service of the valve assembly.

Question: My pump cycles on and off all the time.
Answer: The pump cycles off because the shut-off pressure of 45 PSI has been reached. If it shuts off with your faucet or shower running full open, it is seeing excessive resistance (flow restriction) in the water supply plumbing.

Question: Are there any ways to reduce system cycling?

  1. Clean or remove the water savers in your faucets and shower heads.
  2. Remove as many elbows and tees as possible at the outlet of the pump, and replace with approved flexible hose (SHURflo silencer kit #94-591-01). Look for restrictive valves.
  3. Increase the shut-off pressure setting of the pump by turning the adjustment screw on the switch clockwise 1/2 turn. Note: We recommend this be done by a qualified service technician.
  4. Install a SHURflo accumulator tank to reduce cycling, keep water flow constant and even out temperature fluctuations.

Question: The pump runs when there is no demand for water. How can I fix this?

  1. Purge all the air in the system and check for leaks in your faucets or lines. If no leaks exist, you may have debris in the check valve/switch or valve assembly.
  2. Clean debris or replace the check valve or valve assemblies.

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