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SHURflo Bag-in-Box Pumps


The SHURflo Heavy Duty Advantage gas driven diaphragm pump is designed for the dispensing of BIB syrups, wines, teas, juices, milk and water. It utilizes a technically proven twin chamber, positive displacement design to maximize performance by minimizing pressure drop. The operation of the SHURflo BIB Gas pump guarantees a steady supply of syrup under pressure to a post-mix dispenser valve that mixes the syrup with water to an exact ratio. The pump is used in conjunction with BIB containers and quick disconnect (bag) fittings. The pump features automatic demand and automatic sold-out shut-off for ease of operation.

There are several key features in the SHURflo pump which make it unique in the market and best suited to consistently deliver a good quality drink at the dispenser head.

The above design configuration results in the greatest efficiency and lowest pressure drop every time the dispensing valve open and closes and thus insuring consistent beverage quality.

The standard Heavy Duty Advantage pump features the product outlet on top. SHURflo also offers the FLOport Heavy Duty Advantage gas pump designed to position all fluid and gas ports at the bottom of the pump for maximum compatibility with existing installations.

The fitting attachments are also the quick-disconnect type, designed to remain locked securely, yet allowing line connection and disconnection during service.

This combination of quick-disconnect fittings and bottom directed ports provide for the greatest ease of use in new systems, and for servicing your existing installations.